Styling Tips for Intimate Celebrations During This Pandemic

Much of the recent developments in 2020 are simply out of our control. For the brides who planned on getting married this year, you may have experienced disbelief, grief and maybe a “why me / why now” moment. But as modern-day women who have been taught to lean in, let’s seize the opportunity to reassert control. There are still many creative ways to celebrate your original wedding date by having an intimate city hall ceremony or a more boutique gathering in an alfresco environment.

At à toi studio, we love the idea of an intimate celebration and believe a wedding can be as small as you and your partner, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes and promising a lifetime of love. That is truly what marriage is all about so don’t let this opportunity go by and regain control of a year that has witnessed so many tragic events and make some happier memories!

Our specialty is creating versatile and re-wearable bridal pieces so you can mark the start of a new lifetime of memories. We hope you will like our modern blazer and slip dress combo, fashion-forward jumpsuit in streamlined silhouettes or our chic, clean-lined silk gowns as much as we do. Take control of 2020!