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The Brand

When I got engaged in 2018, I struggled to find something that was modern, versatile and not too traditionally bridal. I did not want a dress to be only worn once – I wanted to live my wedding night memories through re-wearing my outfit over and over again for special occasions. Call me greedy but there are so many beautiful memories embedded in a wedding dress that it should not be reserved for just a few hours of a woman’s life. Therefore, I endeavored to design a sustainable outfit that can be re-worn for a lifetime.


I embraced this challenge on myself first by designing a sleek and sassy jumpsuit with fitted pants, and a removable embroidered lace train, which is perfect for walking down the aisle but could also be removed for many evenings beyond the wedding. That was the beginning of what would become à toi studio today.


We are focused on creating timeless and effortless pieces with high quality craftsmanship and fabrication. Every piece is designed to be reworn for special occasions and locally made in New York City.

Xx, Fiona

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